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How To File a Claim

Filing a Claim


Only the shipper, consignee or third party who has claim or title to the goods may file a claim.


All claims for shortage or damage must be made at the time of delivery to consignee or his agent, if the packages or containers show exterior signs of damage.  Claims for Non delivery of shipment must be presented to the Cargo Forwarder within 30 days from date of accrual.


Suits based upon claims arising from shortage, damage or non delivery of shipment shall be instituted within sixty (60) days from the date of accrual of the right of action.


Failure to make claims or to institute judicial proceeding as herein provided shall constitute a waiver of the claim or right of action.


Complete the claim form and email it to




It is specifically stipulated and agreed that all claims for loss or damage to any of said merchandise or property from any cause or for any conversion thereof shall be restricted to the cash value of the same at the port of shipment at date of shipments.  The liability of the cargo forwarder however shall not exceed the value of the goods as appearing on the acceptance receipt nor shall cargo forwarder be liable for loss of market value arising from delayed delivery.


PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder, Inc shall not be responsible on cargoes noted on the acceptance receipt to be at “Shippers Risk” duly attested and confirmed by Shipper or his representative.


If you cannot send it through email, please mail it to:


2109-2111 Dimasalang Street
Corner Tiago Street,
Sampaloc, Manila 1008


Note: If you fax your claim, please do not send a duplicate by Mail.


Documentation Requirements


You must provide the following for us to process your claim:

  • A copy of the waybill
  • Formal Claim Letter
  • Invoice


Our Handling of Your Claim


After we have received your claim with the proper documentation, we will acknowledge its receipt and attempt to settle it within 30 days.


Investigating some claims may take longer. If your claim cannot be settled within 60 days, our Claim officer will notify you immediately about what you need to do to conclude your claim. PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder, Inc.  will continue to keep you informed at 60-day intervals until your claim is settled.


If a delay in settling your claim occurs, we ask your understanding. If you think the delay is excessive, feel free to call us at (02) 741-3131 at any time or write to us concerning the status of your claim:


Attention: IQA Department
2109-2111 Dimasalang Street Corner Tiago Street
Sampaloc, Manila 1008


Please include the Waybill number in all communications.